a Lo-Fi Sci-Fi fable about money, illusions and change
Z E R O  C R A S H
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How did we do it

They tell you - Great idea! It will cost a Million to do it right. You think - no, no, no 250.000.- will be enough.
If what you can scratch together in the end are less than 2% of a Million and you still do it, you must be mad or naive. Or both. OR you have a lot of helpers, who are not only good at what they do, but also do it for nothing. So yes. Mad. But also very lucky. Look at the credits to see all the great people who jumped with trust, joy and confidence into this unforseeable pool of unpaid work. What would do a film about the fata morgana of money more justice than that? STILL - don't get me wrong. Filmmaking needs money and in the European system this means public funding. You can only be mad like this once. Fund daring films! Don't just talk about it. Do it.
So, a film it has become, defiantly hopping genre limits, following it's theme with resolve and curiously entertaining.

If you want to see what subversive entertainment can do for you today, don't miss this film.

Why we can't get our rotten money system out of deadlock without alien help. Which undiscovered tribe adorns themselves with plastic waste. How to milk the low-net-worth individuals - these are only three of the stirring questions that are straightforwardly dealt with in ZERO CRASH.

Apart from no budget, the lo-fi in the sci-fi comes from the spirit of Trash. It's the refusal to manipulate, to spin doctor the viewers into immersion. Striving for strong imagery, visions are shared not imposed. Your emotions when watching are your business not ours. Polished style is polished style. And the Zero Crash could just be what we need.

Zero Crash 2016